Connect Boom to Meet


  • Launch Boom & select your camera

  • Launch Google Meet & select Boom as your video input

  • Turn off any Google Meet video enhancements

  • Join your call

Launch Boom & configure your video input

  1. Launch Boom and select your camera (1).

💡 Note: Your camera choice will only need to be set the first time you launch Boom or if your camera device has changed.

Launch Google Meet & select the Boom Camera as your video input

  1. Launch Meet and select Boom as your camera from the camera pill (1).

  1. Click the “Visuals” button (1).

  1. Click the effects stack (1) and click "Remove all" to ensure that no effects from Google Meet are applied to your call.

  1. You may notice that Boom’s overlays appear backwards / flipped during your calls. This is normal. Only you will see your overlays like this. Everyone else on the call will see your content in the correct orientation.

    Remember that other participants on the call will see you exactly as you appear in Boom Studio or in the Boom Mirror.

    You are all set!