Why does my video look flipped or mirrored when I'm on a call?

All of the video conferencing apps are designed to show you a mirrored image of yourself when you're on a call. Usually, it's not something that you notice, however, it becomes very apparent once you start displaying text on top of your video.

Zoom has a setting that lets you toggle mirroring on or off. Most other meeting apps unfortunately don't. We get that this may be a little disorienting. Just keep in mind that only you see yourself mirrored like this. Everyone else on the call will see you, as well as any text and images, in the correct orientation.

To see a preview of how you'll appear to others on a call, look for the Boom menu bar icon at the top-right of your screen. Click on it and you'll see the Boom Mirror. Use the Boom Mirror if you're ever unsure about how you're appearing to everyone else.