Presenting with the Boom Remote

The Boom Present Remote appears when you start a screen share in Boom. It allows Boomies to change the content being shared and their screen share layout in a faster and more streamlined way.

The Boom Present Remote has 5 main parts:

  • Boom Stage (1)

    • This is the app currently on the Boom Stage being presented to your viewers aka, this is the app the other participants can see. If at any time you lose track of this window, just press this button on the remote and Boom will bring the window to the foreground.

  • Swap Screen (2)

    • Use this button on the remote to quickly change the window being shared. You don’t need to start a new screen share session to do this, simply click the Swap Screen button and choose another window.

    • Change Layout (3)

      • This button will let you change the way your screen share looks to the other participants on your call. You can also toggle on our video option so the other participants can see you while you share your screen.

  • Magnify (4)

    • Use our magnifier to draw attention to specific parts of the the app or window you are sharing.

  • Exit Present Mode (5)

    • This will end your screen share and remove the Boom Present window from your screen.