The Boom Remote

The Boom Remote is a faster and easier way of accessing Boom’s features while you’re on a call. The Boom Remote will automatically launch if you have Boom selected as your call camera and disappear once your call has ended.

There are 3 main parts of the Boom Remote:

  1. Present Mode

    • Present mode will allow you to launch a screen share with Boom.

  2. Reactions

    • Reactions will give you access to Boom’s entire inventory of GIFS, Emojis, and Visual Effects.

  3. Status

    • Use Status to:

      • tell others on the call when you are stepping away or,

      • display Boom’s Cam-off Poster (which contains your name and picture of your logo/picture) for those times when you don’t feel like being on camera

💡 Note: If you would rather not see the Boom Remote during your calls, you can always hide it through the Boom Mirror: What is the Boom Mirror