Present Mode

Boom’s Present Mode allows you to screen share more productively and with less hassle.

  1. To enter Present Mode while on a call, click the the Present icon (1) in the Boom Remote.

💡 Pro Tip: To start you screen shares even faster & more seamlessly, use our shortcut! 🤓

- Click on the window you’d like to share.
- Use our shortcut: option + cmd + S
- You’re all set, start presenting!

  1. After clicking on the Present icon, a window will open showing you all of the apps available for screen sharing.

    To choose an app for sharing you can either click on the app icon you want to share to filter out any unrelated windows or scroll through the list of available options. When you're set, click on the window you want to share.

  1. Once you’ve selected and clicked on the window you want to share, the Boom Present window will pop open and be accompanied by the Boom Present Remote. You’ll also notice that your self-view tile in your video call will change to “Presenting”.

💡 Note: The word “Presenting” will appear flipped or mirrored to you but everyone else on your call will see it in the correct way.

  1. Next, go to your video conferencing app (Zoom, Meet, etc.)and click the screen share button to start a screen share. Choose the Boom Present window and you are good to go!

  2. Remember to always keep the Boom Present window open. If you minimize the window your screen share will be paused for other participants on the call.

  3. To control the content being shared, switch over to the app or tab that you are sharing.

  4. To end your screen share, first stop sharing in your video conferencing app (Zoom, Meet, etc.) and then click the red stop sharing button in the Boom Present Remote.