Why are the sides of my video being cut off in Google Meet?

Even though your self view looks fine in Google Meet, you may have people on your call tell you that your name, logo, or other on-screen elements are getting cut off.

Unfortunately, Google Meet behaves differently than most other video conferencing apps. Depending on the number of people on the call, the layout you've chosen in Google Meet and even the size of your browser window, Google Meet might change the dimensions of everyone's video to fit more people on the screen. In a worst-case scenario, your video will appear square-shaped to everyone else which means your on-screen elements will be impacted

To avoid being impacted by this, we suggest moving your text and other elements to the middle of the video canvas and away from the left and right edges. This way, your content is far less likely to get cut off.

💡 The "Framed" theme was designed to keep your name tag in the middle of the canvas, give it a try if you find your on-screen elements are being cut off.