I've turned off all video effects but my overlays are still being blurred out, why?

Apple introduced several camera effects in macOS 12. One of these is the Portrait effect which applies a blur to your video's background. Since macOS isn't aware of the text elements that Boom overlays on your video feed, turning on the Portrait effect can interfere with Boom's overlays.

If you notice that Boom's text and images appear blurry on your call, do the following to disable the Portrait effect:

  • Look for Apple's green camera icon in your menu bar

  • Click on the icon and then turn off the Portrait effect (it may be safer to turn off the other effects as well)

  • You may have multiple apps that appear in this dropdown (1 & 2). It's safest to turn off the Portrait effect for each app.

💡 If you notice that you're constantly triggering Apple's built in reaction effects (the thumbs app, balloons, etc.), you can turn them off from this menu as well.

If you have completed the above steps and still notice that text and images are appearing blurry, try the following:

  • Open your video conferencing app and start a call (its okay if you're the only one on the call)

  • While on the call, go to you camera sources list to see how many cameras are available

    For instance, if you're using Meet, click on the arrow next to the camera icon (1)

  • For each camera in the list, follow the above steps to ensure that the Portrait effect is turned off in Apple's video effects menu